Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the bananas' place - part III


We woke up early this day. The weather in the island is so hot and we wanted to do a mountain excursion that morning, so avoiding the hottest hours (midday) was a priority. Moreover, the time in Islas Canarias is an hour less than in Catalonia, and this was a thing that I didn't remember at the moment to set the alarm... so you can imagine that I woke up really really early without noticing it (my boyfriend is still laughing about this... haha).

One of the icons of the island is a peculiar rock that stands raised on the top of a mountain. The Roque Nublo has been the inspiration for many famous spanish artists because of its magnitude and its solemnity. It measures more than 70 meters high and it stands out from its surroundings. (Read below to know about the afternoon plan)

On our way back to the apartment, we had modified the route so that we could visit the Caldera del Bandama, which means the crater of the Bandama volcano that contributed once to create this island.

Finally, as we were hot and still not tired enough to go home, we decided to approach the beach of Taurito that is located not far from our apartment in Puerto Rico. There, it turned out to be a good scenario to take pictures, specially for the giant waves that amazed us, as we are used to the calm of the Mediterranean.

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