Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Middle East Treasure (III)

After having seen the charming streets of Istanbul and its incredible attractions, it was time to board a ship and discover what was hidden at the upper side of the Bosphorus river.
While we were sailing through that river, crossing the incredible bridges and being followed by number of seagulls, the riverside buildings were becoming more nautical and luxurious. It was a pretty different Turkey from the one I saw in Istanbul. Once arrived at the top of the tour near the Black Sea, a stop was stablished to let the tourists have lunch. There, we ate a delicious fish that gave us strenght to sail down the river to our beloved city again.

Middle East Treasure (II)

The second day started with the Topkapi Palace visit, followed by the Grand Bazaar and finished with the Solomon Mosque. Once I had lived 24 hours in that kind of environment I could then see some of the determining features of that kind of society. The crazy traffic, the difference between men and women but also the peaceful coexistence of cultures, wealthy status, ages and beliefs.
On that day, I tried my first turkish-made kebap, I bargained for the first time at Grand Bazaar, I discovered what I now call the arabic Versailles (Topkapi Palace), I tried turkish tea and I had the pleasure to enjoy a sunset from one of the highest places in Istanbul.

As you can see here, the commercial ability of Turkish men has no frontiers! They even tried to clean my boyfriend's trainers hahaha... 

At 19.30pm all shops are closed and that's how the streets look like after a busy day of buying and selling vividly.