Thursday, July 18, 2013

sKate Moss tank top

Being on holidays is great, especially after the effort made at the University working until middle July (when everyone is already on summer vacation). Now it's time to relax, realize all the pending issues I've put off, spend time with my hobbies and consequently... here am I, taking photos and posting in my blog!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

080 Barcelona Fashion - Summer 2014

Last week took place the summer edition of Barcelona's Fashion Week. I still had retaking exams so I hadn't left the city yet, and the best way to celebrate my own start of the summer holidays was attending to this special event which is held twice a year in Barcelona: The 080 Barcelona Fashion.
The memory I had from the winter edition was good (specially because we got a photo with Jhon Kortajarena), then it would be difficult to improve it. This time I got the accreditations (for me and two of my cousins, Mariona and Mar) from IDEP, the school where I was doing a summer intensive Course in Clothing Pattern Designing.

Here, some of the photos I took from Escorpion catwalk and the Open Area, followed by a small sample of what I learned in the Course:

Pattern Course