Monday, March 9, 2015

German Roadtrip - (2)Heidelberg

After having lunch, we drove until reaching Heidelberg. A famous tourist attraction of Germany. This city seems like it has came out of a fairy tale. Its bridge, its streets, its buildings, its little shops and, of course its castle. It all takes part in the same story. In addition, we had the chance to see the sunset from one of the best views of the country (in my opinion).
Spending the afternoon in Heidelberg was fun, but we had to go on with the planning (this time established by my boyfriend). Therefore, we took the car again heading ourselves to Stuttgart.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the weather was so nice during all the weekend! This is an important factor because, instead, there are many views and activities that we could have not appreciated.

German Roadtrip - (1)Karlsruhe

The ending point was settled in Stuttgart, but from my boyfriend's place there was quite a long way to there. Starting from Lörrach, we made our first stop in Karlsruhe.

This village has a particularity, the disposition of its streets: they all begin at the same point, the Karlsruher Schloss or the Sir Karl Wilhelm's Castle. So, wherever you are in this city, you can see the castle at the beginning of the street.

I am a little flower-obsessed so, I couldn't resist to post some photos of the market.

Next stop: Heidelberg