Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Queens of the Catwalk - D&G A/W 2014

Having a look to Milan's Fashion Week catwalks, I've found some queens... Would you like to meet them? Here you are!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Out of The Blue

Last week I found a garage gate which kept my attention... and here's the result!
( Be happy to meet my new bag from Guess haha, hope you'll be nice friends ;) )

Ralph's Back

Da un paso adelante decidida, mirando hacia delante con la mirada fija en ese flash constante. Bajo las lámparas de cristal colgante pasan los cuellos alzados, los volantes, los terciopelos, los pendientes de piedras preciosas, las faldas acampanadas y los hombros levantados de las chaquetas entalladas. Suena una música triunfal, unos violines que se deslizan por la pasarela igual que lo hacen ellas, vistiendo una fascinante colección de noche y sus impresionantes tacones. No fallan las plumas, la seda, las pieles, el tul, el encaje ni los brillantes. Todos los ingredientes para conseguir una mezcla de elegancia y extravagancia irresistibles. Muy propio de Ralph Lauren. 

I'm used to have a review of the shows uploaded on brand's websites when a Fashion Week is gone. This time I ended up with a feeling that I wanted to share, and here I am, taking a look to Ralph Lauren collection for Fall 2013. I specially want to pay attention to the dedication with whom is made the back of each look. Lace, silk, tulle, furs, ruffles, velvet and perfectly mixed gemstones which dangle from their ears, like crystal chandeliers do upon their berets.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

080 Barcelona Fashion

Last week (from 28th to 31st of January 2013) it took place the 11th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion. I couldn't miss the opportunity to attend an event like this in my city, and I joined all the contests that I found to win some tickets. Finally I was lucky to won two accreditations to enter the Open Area.
Being accompanied with my cousin Mariona was nice, specially because she knew a boy from the stuff who introduced us to Jon Kortajarena! She is leaving to an Erasmus next week, and we spent a good time together between clothes, models, catwalks, bloggers, designers and aspirants to be someone in the world of fashion someday... like both of us ;)