Saturday, August 30, 2014

the bananas' place

Once again, having returned from the summer vacation I share with you the experiences that I have lived and, basically, the place in which I've been immersed in.
This year was the time for Gran Canaria. One of the seven islands that compose the Comunity of Islas Canarias, belonging them all to Spain.

The stay had its begginig on a Sunday and lasted 6 days (5 nights) until the following Friday.
Next, I've decided to show you the plan that I scheduled for each day, so that you can see a possible journey to do if you choose to visit the island. See the hole trip divided in different posts.


After a flight of aprox. 3 hours we reached the island. We spent the morning hiring a car at the airport (LPA), locating our apartment and settling ourselves there. So, our starting point would be Puerto Rico, a southern city of Gran Canaria which is full of apartments and hotels. All adapted to tourists.

Once we had eaten something for lunch it was time to start exploring!

During the first afternoon we went to Puerto Mogán, one of the nicest villages of the island. Its beauty comes from the huge amount of flowers in the streets, hanging from the little white houses that once had been the homes of ancient fishermen.

 (see here the Teide volcano of the island in front: Tenerife)

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