Monday, August 28, 2017


Day 4 Most Famous Temples in Beijing

We did not have breakfast included in the hotel, and on this day we woke up with so much need of a coffee, so on our way walking to the Lamas Temple we were lucky to find a Starbucks (it is a pleasure to eat occidental food for once), seating there in the terrace we could stare at the business people entering a tower next to the temple; in that moment I first saw how stylish Chinese women can be. They are particularly elegant, wearing plain soft structured clothes as if they had bought all those looks in COS.
The Lamas Temple was inspiring, relaxing. It was my first time in a buddhist temple. We saw many locals praying, old and young, performing a kind of prayer holding incense sticks. This, together with the giant Buddhas and colourful interiors, contributed to provide us a whole peaceful experience.
Our following stop was Temple of Heaven, a Chinese holly place located in a huge garden in south-east center of Beijing. The corridors with decorated roofs were infinite and gave us shadow in a burning day. We could sit there with the green garden behind us, staring at the elder locals gambling with cards. The main pavilion of the Temple is on the top of a hill from which you can enjoy the nice views of the city. Remember that you'll have to pay twice to enter the proper temple.

That evening we decided to walk direction to Sanlitun (area known for its active nightlife) but the rain caught us and we aborted the plan halfway.

On our way to Lamas Temple we got lost intentionally through a Hutong

Temple of Heaven

Dongzhimen District

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