Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Middle East Treasure (I)

One of the places-to-visit that was standing on my list was Istanbul. So different, so curious, so original. Definitely (and despite the lately doubts about the intl situation) it was the moment to go on this adventure.

The fact of having the hotel as the "base point" in the Asian side conditioned ourselves a little, but at the same time it gave us the opportunity to enjoy the skyline views on our way and way back to the Golden Horn.

Anyway, the plan for the first day was full of main sigths and must-see visits. Related to that, you can always find advantages of being from a small town, and this time we were lucky of  having received some previous recomendations by a compatriot that had lived  in Turkey for some months. Due to this together with the information that we sumed up from various websites, we started with Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, Basilic Cistern and the Spice Market. At all, a day full of intense and interesting experiences.

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