Thursday, March 12, 2015

German Roadtrip - (3)Stuttgart

Simply definable: The City of Cars. Mercedes Benz has left its footprint in this german city, and even me, that I am not a car-addicted, I have enjoyed this car passion that can be felt at every corner of Stuttgart. The sound of the engines, the luxury and the sportivity of the environment. It is all involved. Perhaps it was that my fellow in this journey was my boyfriend, a car-passionate by birth, but, anyway, I liked it!

Another positive point of the trip was the sunny weather and the calmness that Sundays provide. As shops were closed, we could only wander through the streets of the city. Do not forget to step in the lift to the top of the tower at the Central Station, the floors below show the magnitude of the ambitious project that the Government of the city is running there. And obviously, notice that the views from the observation deck are so nice.

After all, we finished the day at Mercedes Benz and Porsche Museums. Car lovers should definitely visit both places once in their lives!

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