Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Sunday in Basilea -and more-

On Sunday morning we visited Basel. As you'll see on my face it was so cold! 
All the city was decorated for the event happening that night, called the MORGESTRAICH, it was a pity we couldn't stay till the festival but my flight took off early in the morning and we both had to work on the following day :(
Despite this fact, we enjoyed the nice bridges, churches and narrow streets of the city together with the ancient Plätze that Basel has. Then, taking advantage of the time of the year we are, we ended with the desire to attend a carnival, we were previously told that towns give much importance to these kind of events, so our decision was to drive to Weil am Rhein and see how they celebrate it.
Both costumes and masks were beautiful, accompained with music and loooots of confetti. The streets dressed up into a funny and joyful party mode. Children and also ancient people, all were involved in that kind of tradition.

Finally, I've posted a collection of phone pictures taken along the trip, hope you like em :)

I am aleady waiting for the next visit to Germany... in two weeks!!

· iPhone shots ·

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