Monday, June 30, 2014

Inner Spain

Catalonia is a triangle shaped region situated in the north-east extreme of the Iberian Peninsula. As you may know, its capital, Barcelona, together with the whole territory are integrated into the State of Spain. During the last two years, maybe due to the financial crisis or because the deeper patriotic feeling of its citizens, Catalan people have shown a sense of disconformity with the central decisions of the State in which they are living in. The political relations between the Spanish Government and those who are in charge of this smaller community have entered a period of scarce dialogues and some kind of tense environment. 
Then, to act in consequence of the people's voice, the President of Catalonia together with some politic parties who think accordingly, have announced the celebration of a democratic referendum to be held in 9th of November of this year, 2014. This referendum will ask the citizens of Catalonia weather if they want their nation to be part of the Spanish State or if they want it to be declared independent. 
This issue has aroused thousands of discussions and arguments. Both parts have tried to involve other topics that are not related and contribute to make the people misunderstand the situation; but the fact is that now, the ones in power are seated on the chairs of the central Government in Madrid, and they have a growing number of Catalans that want them react to their petitions.
From my position, I can say that I was born in Catalonia and I feel myself kind of entrenched with this nation. My mother tongue is Catalan and my culture, traditions and opinions are in line with this little country. Hence, my few notions of economics tell me that Spain will lose a huge power if Catalonia is separated from them; so they should make a decision before is too late. 
One thing is sure, this movement that strives for the independence of Catalonia will not stop, and despite they do not have the support of the higher politic leaders of Spain, the international forces will hear the multitude and this will trigger a solution wanted for ones or unwanted for others.

After this little reflection, I want to show you some pictures from this last weekend. They were taken in a little village of Castilla la Mancha, another region located in the center of Spain. With this, I wanted to show that Catalans as me, appreciate and admire the land next to Catalonia. This huge territory with a rich historical past and a splendid culture. Our intention is not to separate from Spain because we do not want them. Instead, we only pretend to show the world who we are, a population that has its own identity and a relentless economic boost achieved with effort, illusion and respect.

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