Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New York City (I)

It was and still is a dream. My boyfriend had the opportunity to travel to NYC and I didn't hesitate to join him in the trip that I had always dreamed. I intensively planned the activities to do there and I think that the information collected can be useful to anyone who plans his stay in the city. Thus, I am proud to share with you the main places we've visited and the things we enjoyed the most.

We left in 16 April from Barcelona and I've come back this morning (21 April). So, we had 6 days.
I've had to divide the pictures into different posts because it's difficult to show a summary of 1450 files... haha (my boyfriend has suffered the consequences).

I had never imagined that, in my age, I could have been in such a place and, believe me, it's worth to see it.


Reach the city, leave the luggage and go to Empire State Observation Deck.


Take the ferry to Liberty Island, come back to Manhattan, visit the Chelsea neighbourhood and the famous market and finally wander through the High Line.

More photos in the next post ;)

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