Tuesday, July 16, 2013

080 Barcelona Fashion - Summer 2014

Last week took place the summer edition of Barcelona's Fashion Week. I still had retaking exams so I hadn't left the city yet, and the best way to celebrate my own start of the summer holidays was attending to this special event which is held twice a year in Barcelona: The 080 Barcelona Fashion.
The memory I had from the winter edition was good (specially because we got a photo with Jhon Kortajarena), then it would be difficult to improve it. This time I got the accreditations (for me and two of my cousins, Mariona and Mar) from IDEP, the school where I was doing a summer intensive Course in Clothing Pattern Designing.

Here, some of the photos I took from Escorpion catwalk and the Open Area, followed by a small sample of what I learned in the Course:

Pattern Course

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